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Tell me about Lakeside Casino Resort's various promotions and the reward program "Cash Forward"!

Q.  What is the difference between a "PROMOTION" and your "CASH FORWARD" reward program?

A.  A "PROMOTION" has an ending date. Examples of promotions planed for the future: Fishing Trip & Boat, ATV Giveaway, Car Give-A-Way and Cash Drawing. Our CASH FORWARD reward program is not a promotion but a continuing program that rewards only those players that play up to a certain level. Promotions are open to anyone and are not based on play.

Q. How does a player qualify for the rewards program CASH FORWARD?

A. First of all we never encourage anyone to increase their level of play just to meet the criteria that we have established for rewards.  We want all players to participate in our games at a level they are comfortable with. We don't believe in telling players that if you play up to such and such a level then we will reward you with so much money or merchandise, therefore we don't publish a chart with playing requirements listed.  Secondly, we hold a trademark for our Cash Forward program and how we determine the rewards is proprietary information that competitors could copy if we printed detailed information.

Q. I can respect the fact that Lakeside Casino Resort would not want to reveal all the specific details of its programs to its competitors but how do I know that the rewards are fairly distributed based on play?

A. All players interested in Cash Forward play with a Players Club card.  This card has an account number on it and when kept in a slot machine actually records in a database all the information that is used to determine the level of reward. Table game players will give the card to the dealer when they enter a game in order to get credit for table game play.

Q. I lost more money last month than my wife but she got a higher level of Cash Forward, why?

A. If you reread the previous answer above, it does not list a Key Component as losing. In fact there are two components that we NEVER use to determine the level or reward. We never use how much was lost and we never use how much was won.

Q. My wife and I sit next to each other at the same denomination slot machine and play for the exact amount of time. Previously you stated that two key components of the reward are time played and amount played.  If this is true why did we each receive a different $ value reward coupon?

A. The slot computer keeps up with the "Exact" number of coins fed into it during an hour segment and the "Exact" numbers of handle pulls or different games. One person may play three coins each pull; another may play two coins each pull. One person may pull the handle slow and the other person may hit the "Play Max Coin" button, thus playing faster. No two people play exactly alike; therefore, the rewards may be different.

Q.  How do I know that the reward was correct?

A. We have more than one million dollars invested in our special designed computers and the computer system simply takes the time you played and the total dollar amount of coins that were inserted into the machine or credits played on the machine and calculates your reward based on this information.

Q. What if I forgot to use my Players Card when playing?

A. Your player's card is your account card. If you don't use it there will not be any
information gathered in your account therefore there cannot be any rewards given to your account.

Q. I play table games so how do you "Rate" my play, and give me credit for time and amount played?

A. Just hand your card to the dealer upon entering the table game and say
"Rate My Play" and the floor supervisors will gladly record your total playing time and average bet per round.

Q. What determines the level of rewards for table game players?

A. Actually the same as slot players. Time Played and Amount Played
in each hour segment. The amount won or lost is not part of the formula.

Q. Your sign advertises " The More YOU Play, the More WE Pay." What's
that mean?

A. Again the two key components that the computer uses to determine your
level of reward for Cash Forward is Time & Amount or putting it another way
"The More you Play, the More we Pay!"

Q. Why don't you give Cash Back, instead of Cash Forward?

A. Casinos traditionally allow slot players to redeem their points for cash.
We don't believe this is a great bargain. We give players the same points,
but we had rather you use them for food and gifts. We developed a cash reward
program that allows you to keep your points because we never deduct your points
when we reward you with Cash Forward.

Q. Can my wife and I play on the same Players Card account?

A. No. Each person must have their own account and play from multiple players
may not be combined.

Q. My friend and I signed up for a Players Card on the same day and he received mail with a coupon but I did not, Why?

A. Check with the Players Club to make sure they have your correct mailing address and make sure you are properly checked off in the system to receive mail. Also, remember that Cash Forward is a reward program that rewards
players based on their game participation.

Q. What type of slot play information is used to determine the level of reward for Cash Forward?

A. The Players Card allows us to collect the key components that determine your level of play. These key components are: How long you played the slot, how many handle pulls you had in each one hour segment, how many coins were played with each handle pull for each hour segment.