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Fishing and Wildlife are Important to Lakeside Casino Resort:

Lakeside Casino Resort offers a beautiful view of splendid nature - a view that is valued by the patrons and staff. Utmost care is taken to insure that the natural habitat of West Lake remains. One sport that is treasured on the lake is fishing. As promised, Lakeside constructed a new marina for the avid fishermen in the area - even with bathrooms. The construction of the gaming vessel was also taken into consideration to insure protection of the lake. Although the SS Osceola does not cruise during heavy winds, or rough weather, the boat was constructed with a double hull for added protection.

Fishing Information:

Information and regulations about fishing and boating on West Lake can be found by visiting the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website. Fishing and boating are permitted on the lake, and regulated according to Iowa' s boating and fishing laws.